Friday, November 7, 2014

Happy Pride everybody!!!!

Here we are, all decked out for Pride weekend (notice it's not called GAY Pride anymore. Who made that decision?).

Last weekend we were similarly decked out for Leather Pride but I forgot to take pictures. More or less the same but with the leather colours.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

It's our anniversary!!!

Tomorrow, October 31st, is the 14th anniversary of us moving to Palm Springs!! Fourteen years! Can you believe that? We find it difficult to believe it ourselves. One ex-hotel owner told someone we know "They don't know anything about running an hotel. I'll give them 6 months!!!" Well, guess what? He's long gone and we're still here! Hoorraahhh for us LOL.

We still love it. We both remember waking up on November 1st 2000 thinking What have we done? We were sitting outside at around 6.30am that morning when the pool man arrived. We never did see him again so I guess he fired us. Our first weekend coincided with Gay Pride. The previous owner had let the place to a crowd of Math students in town for a math convention. They were here for 3 nights and there were over 30 of them including the math professor.  I think they paid $2,000 for the 3 nights (including tax). The professor was really pissed off when he called to book the place for 2001.

We have met some lovely people over the years and surprisingly, seem to come back! So, thank you all for making this an experience we have enjoyed over the years and here's to many more ... I doubt for another 14 !!!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Little boxes!!

It's just like 'Little Boxes" in our car park tonight!!!!    "There's a blue one and a yellow one, a red one and a silver one" ... cars that is!! LOL.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Suzy and Sarah weekend Sept 24th-28th 2014

These girls and boys certainly know how to enjoy themselves! They chose an earlier weekend this year. Reverting back to October next year. Too hot for fire flogging!!!

Here is a picture of the weekend's menu: Don't ask, I don't know, we only live here!!!
Some heavy duty construction work. There were more F150's in the parking lot than you could shake a stick at!!! 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

"girls just want to have fun!!!"

Before I get into that, just let me say, apart from spending time with Maxine, my parents, brother Paul, sister-in law Dawn , friends Steve, Caroline, Jane, Ruth and various nieces and cousins I had a blast. BUT eating at Maggie Joness' with Jane and spotting Prince Harry eating there with friends ... well what can I say and no, I did not take a selfie.  LOL. Well, I mean, the restaurant is just around the corner from Kensington Palace so it must be his 'local'. I suppose he knows the restaurant is named after his Great Aunt Margaret!!!! And no, the place wasn't surrounded by the secret service. It isn't big enough. He's very tall!!!!


Thursday, August 7, 2014

And there's more!!! Later our visit to the Salton Sea

Here are some picture to tide you over..... dead Tilapia on the shore at Bombay Beach. Should that now be Mumbai beach!! The 'sea'  is  an impressive sight. Pity about the smell!!!

Our mini vacation (continued)

We drove to Big Bear Lake on July 30th for a couple of nights at the Robin Hood resort. We loved it. It's a bit ironic we had only just been to the Robin Hood pub in Sherman Oaks!!! We stayed there for 2 nights, a lovely big room with a glimpse of the lake.   We will definitely go back but maybe at a different time of year ... too many straight people with their children clogging up the place. I mean, why would you take you 3 or 4 year old to a restaurant at 9pm?

The pirate ship, aaarrr me hearties!! Shiver me timbers or something like that!!!
We went for a trip on the Pirate Ship!!! Supposedly from the movie Time Bandits. Stuart thinks it's all a bit bogus! It was lovely floating around for 1 1/2 hours.
A floating outhouse on Big Bear Lake. Don't ask!!!