Saturday, September 27, 2014

"girls just want to have fun!!!"

Before I get into that, just let me say, apart from spending time with Maxine, my parents, brother Paul, sister-in law Dawn , friends Steve, Caroline, Jane, Ruth and various nieces and cousins I had a blast. BUT eating at Maggie Joness' with Jane and spotting Prince Harry eating there with friends ... well what can I say and no, I did not take a selfie.  LOL. Well, I mean, the restaurant is just around the corner from Kensington Palace so it must be his 'local'. I suppose he knows the restaurant is named after his Great Aunt Margaret!!!! And no, the place wasn't surrounded by the secret service. It isn't big enough. He's very tall!!!!


Thursday, August 7, 2014

And there's more!!! Later our visit to the Salton Sea

Here are some picture to tide you over..... dead Tilapia on the shore at Bombay Beach. Should that now be Mumbai beach!! The 'sea'  is  an impressive sight. Pity about the smell!!!

Our mini vacation (continued)

We drove to Big Bear Lake on July 30th for a couple of nights at the Robin Hood resort. We loved it. It's a bit ironic we had only just been to the Robin Hood pub in Sherman Oaks!!! We stayed there for 2 nights, a lovely big room with a glimpse of the lake.   We will definitely go back but maybe at a different time of year ... too many straight people with their children clogging up the place. I mean, why would you take you 3 or 4 year old to a restaurant at 9pm?

The pirate ship, aaarrr me hearties!! Shiver me timbers or something like that!!!
We went for a trip on the Pirate Ship!!! Supposedly from the movie Time Bandits. Stuart thinks it's all a bit bogus! It was lovely floating around for 1 1/2 hours.
A floating outhouse on Big Bear Lake. Don't ask!!!

We have taken mini vacation(s)!!!!

I hardly know where to start!!! We decided that, during our quiet 'off season' we should visit various places and fast food restaurants we have never been to. But wait .... I get in front of myself ....

First, we drove into North Hollywood July 27th to stay at the house for 3 nights. We met our dear friends Jennifer and Dianna and Dianna's mom Charlotte for brunch at the Castaways restaurant up in the Verdugo Hills overlooking the San Fernando Valley, (Burbank in particular). Astounding views. All you can eat buffet a bit pricey @ $40 each but it did include a bottomless champagne glass (or if we are to honest, cheap Californian  sparking wine)! Charlotte and I stayed with good old Bloody Mary's!  We laughed and laughed as we usually do with 'the girls'. Such great company.

Back to the house for a nap ... and then off to the Bullet for their Sunday afternoon beer bust. Now, when Stuart and I lived in NoHo, we were regular visitors to the Bullet. They did a fundraiser for us one Saturday afternoon for the Aids Ride in 2000 and it was the most money they had ever taken across the bar on a Saturday afternoon. Big mistake going back!! Yeuk!!! We only knew one couple. Full of old blokes who had been there far too long. We used to know everybody. Bruce is still there cooking up his burgers but even he didn't recognise us ...after all,  it has been 14 years. It was very depressing. We had 2 drinks and left.

Dianna & Jennifer suggested a 'new' restaurant in Studio City called Warrens Blackboard at the Beverly Garland hotel in Studio City. We went there on Sunday and Tuesday nights having met John, Angela and their friend Sue at the Robin Hood pub in Sherman Oaks Monday night.for fish, chips and mushy peas.. A great English culinary delight. Highly recommend them both.

No pictures, sorry!!! I forgot to say, our friends Dennis & AJ were here looking after the place whilst we were gone. Much appreciated.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

It's even hotter

we're not complaining BUT it got up to 110 today! It's hot!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

It's Summer!!!

Wow, summer has arrived. It hit 106f this afternoon (41c) and was still 100f at 6.15 this evening. There is a hot wind blowing but the pool remains a cool 86f. Beautiful weather. We love it call us crazy!!!

The kittens are still around, mother being very protective. Stuart has named them all ... and we seem to be down by one. He either was nabbed by somebody or got run over. Hopefully not the latter.

We are off to North Hollywood on Sunday. Beer bust at the Bullet for the first time in ages. Staying at the house for 3 nights then off to Big Bear for a couple of nights before returning home. D & AJ staying here to keep an eye on the place.

Anyway, all fun and games here at the Inn!! Did I mention the debacle with the 2 guys and their 2 dogs who thought they could let them have free rein to run wild around the pool area and pee on patios???  No? They were booked to stay here for 3 nights, stayed for 1 and checked (walked) out in high dudgeon!! Good riddance!! As I said, all fun and games!!!!