Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The saga of the trash cans!!

Finally our new trash cans were delivered today, Wednesday April 2nd. Oh what an exciting life we lead! Many, many telephone calls to the Palm Springs Disposal Service we are now the proud owners of 10 (that's right, TEN) brown 'wheelie bins'. We still havn't found out our new collection day. Is it Monday or Wednesday? Nobody seems to want to make a decision!!! All we know is, they delivered the new bins today and didn't take away the old trash!!!

As I said, what an exciting life we lead!!!!

And thanks to Mike, I am able to post pictures again. Here they are .. our new trash cans!!!! Tah Dah!!! Count them. There are 10!! Plus we also have the blue recycling container!! Different day of collection, of course. See what you are missing, Jim!!!!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Shock!!!, Horror!!! Ice storm hits Palm Springs!!! (Not really).

OK I know, I know. This blog is like a London bus. You wait for ages for one to arrive and then 3 arrive together!

The roof of the hotel was due for it's 10 year makeover.  The company came in on Monday and were supposed to be finished by Wednesday. Well guess what? They didn't finish until today (Thursday).  The last word we want to hear is 'problem' so apparently there were a few.

They started by washing down the roof, both the single  and the two storey buildings. When I got back from LA Wednesday afternoon, the mess .. beyond description. You wouldn't believe after the wind over the last 10 years or so there wouldn't be many little chippings left up there. Oh yes there were!! They actually did a good job washing down but I'll be doing it as normal Friday morning.
Anyhow, this morning the crew arrived around 8am and set about shrouding everything in plastic. Then they disappeared for 3 hours!!! And we have guests wanting to use the pool and spa naked so they did. To cut long story short as they say, it was all done and paid for by 1pm, plastic away.

I am trying to download pictures but Google has changed some settings. Typical.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I had to share

Here it is, 9.30pm on Wednesday February 12th. We're happily watching the winter games .. phone rings ... drunken voice ... "can you help me out I'm trying to find Warm Sands off the one eleven".

Where are you says I. "Oh, on Arenas and Palm Canyon" came the reply. First of all, Palm Canyon is NOT 111 and hasn't been for YEARS! I gave him directions, i.e. turn left on Palm Canyon, keep going and make a left on to Ramon. So I said, why aren't you calling the hotel you're staying? "I don't have their number". Oh, I said, so you're not staying with us but you are asking my help to find your way to another resort? Good luck I said! I should've told him to turn right onto Palm Canyon and right onto Ramon. That would've REALLY confused him.  What an eeejit.

For those who don't know, coming into Palm Springs from the 10 (exit 111 believe it or not) , the 111 turns left at Vista Chino, turns right onto Gene Autry and left onto East Palm Canyon.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Check out our new view!!!

Happy New Year everybody!!
How about this! Thanks to the neighbour cutting down the Tamarisk we have got our view back. The one we had 13 years ago when we first moved in. It is now possible to see our sign from Indian Canyon which has never been visible before. The old flag pole is still there but we intend to have it taken down. It's old and doesn't have the necessary tackle for running up a flag.


 The weather here continues to amaze us all. Un-seasonably warm. A bit cloudy today but forecast is for a high of 77f. We have guests in from Illinois and Michigan, all glad to be away from the cold.

I know it's been a while but here's a picture of Stuart about to open his Christmas present from me!!! Unfortunately it arrived when I was at the gym so it wasn't a surprise Christmas morning!!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas is coming!

Decorating for Christmas. All you who thought I was sitting on my arse eating bon-bons whilst Stuart was ripping up carpets etc, etc, this is what I've been doing and it ain't done yet!

Just a load of old balls!!!

Because we are #1!!!!
Santa waiting for the steam room to heat up. He'll have a long wait. It's out of order!!!

Mabel helping with the decorating!!!

Remodel is going well

You'll (YULE?), be pleased to know our recent remodeling on rooms 2, 5 and 7 is going well and actually in front of schedule. (Don't tell the help). One nightmare was getting the tub out of #7 which had to be cut in half to get it out of the bathroom! I'll save you the other nightmares. The wood tile is laid in both 2 and 7. Wood tile, that is to say, tile that looks like wood, duh!

Danny is busy putting  the new tile in the shower of #7 and very smart it looks too, white and gray. I am going to be the first person to shower there unless Danny beats me to it!! The bathroom window in #7 is also being replaced and the kitchen cabinets have been painted. The carpet is being ripped up in #5 as I type although the light is fading fast. I have to admit, putting plain carpet in all the rooms was a BIG mistake. There is a reason why casino carpeting is always multi-coloured. Room 2 is getting ceiling fans in the bedroom and sitting room. Ceiling hooks get in the way in the other rooms. Oh, and  the rooms are having fresh paint on the walls. I am so glad we are multi-billionaires! Oh and by the way Jim, there still isn't a dish-washer in 7!!!

Pictures to follow once everything gets cleaned up.