Saturday, September 26, 2015

Some sad news :(

We learned today that Don Smith had died. For those who didn't  know Don, he was a regular guest of ours from Toronto. He stayed with us many times over the years, sometimes twice a year and sometimes for as long as 30 days.

We had some guests visiting from Sydney and they knew him from his travels. I decided to try to contact Don by e-mail and when it was returned we guessed something had happened.

He had left us his cousins telephone number so I called her today and that's how I got the sad news. He died April 2nd in a nursing home in Toronto and had severe Alzheimer's.

So ... goodbye Don. It was great to know you.


Saturday, August 29, 2015

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Dennis & AJ

A big THANK YOU to Dennis and AJ for staying here, looking after the place and feeding our two (Mac & Mabel) and the ferals, Joseph  and Alfie.   Aaaah!!!

Pool And Sunbeds get a makeover!!!

Well, here is the empty pool. It took 12 hours to empty and 48 hours to re-fill! We DID get the required permits but really, what a waste of 30,000 galls of water and us in a drought.  Other countries, for example, New Zealand, the water is drained into a tanker and then used to refill the pool. Why hasn't anybody suggested that? I'll start the first tanker hire company in the Coachella Valley!!! Any backers?  And here it is filled, acid washed, calcium clear, fresh sparkling like new. Please note: Sunbeds are in our corporate colours!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

New sun-beds!!!

Well, hardly new. The old ones are getting a make-over.
The beds are being picked up tomorrow July 30th and all 12 returned August 17th. Won't we look smart! The straps will be 'wrap around' and not held in place by plastic rivets which eliminates the amount of time Stuart spends repairing the snapped straps!!! This is a prototype. Guaranteed to hold 300lbs!!!! But don't hold me to that!!

It pissed down!!!

It absolutely pissed down with rain here in Palm Springs over the Wet 'n Hot weekend!!!! And it WAS Wet 'n Hot.

We almost lost the mountains, as you can see!!!
Can just see the mountains

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Has it really been since April?

Say it ain't so!!!!

106f here today phew! Certainly the hottest day of the year. We took the Buzz Bus to Spencer's for lunch thinking it was our 7th wedding anniversary only to realise it's tomorrow!!! Oh well ... we won't take the Buzz Bus again in this weather. There was no shade on Indian Canyon waiting for the bus home and the closest stop to home was south of the hospital and that's quite a walk in the heat. Not complaining about the heat!

Huge fire south of Big Bear consuming 7,500 acres and 400 people having to be evacuated. It's so dry up there the forest is just, well, on fire.

The smoke is visible from here but the wind is keeping it away from Palm Springs for the time being.
Smoke from Big Bear

Contrasting view